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Consulting Solutions

Transforming information to insights

With a combined global expertise exceeding 100 years in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Device space, Medsurge is well positioned to help you support during your early-stage decision making around market attractiveness and market-entry.

We have successfully helped clients with up-to-date data driven analyses around opportunity attractiveness- including market size estimation, key drivers/ resistors, customer & competitive landscape analysis. We also help forecast and proactively plan to mitigate regulatory and other business related challenges specific to emerging markets. Our comprehensive and unbiased analyses will give provide you with a reliable decision making framework.

Specific services include:

Early-stage due diligence

  • Product landscape and unmet needs identification
  • Challenges and risks in the market- Political, Environmental, Social & Technological
  • Market Sizing, Customer & Competitor Analysis
  • Regulatory requirements summary - documentation and timelines

Go-to-Market Support

  • Pricing strategy based on market segmentation analysis
  • Product positioning & placement strategy
  • Product communication strategy

Post-launch support

  • Continuous support through our Commercial Solutions and Distribution operations